Fraisier Cake

Layers of genoise sponge, creme mousseline and delicious fresh strawberries in this French Strawberry Cake.

You'll Need: Milk Sugar Corn Starch Butter Vanilla Flour Eggs Oil Strawberries

Step 1: Make the genoise sponge according to the recipe.

Step 2: Heat milk, sugar and vanilla and combine with egg yolks to make a custard.

Step 3: Whip the butter until pale and glossy. Slowly add custard to make creme mousseline.

Step 4: Put first layer of sponge into cake ring and soak with strawberry simple syrup.

Step 5:  Cut strawberries in half and line around the inside of the cake ring.

Step 6:  Use creme mousseline to fill in the gaps then cover with more strawberries.

Step 7:  Cover with more mousseline and then another layer of soaked sponge.

Step 8:  Chill and then unmold and decorate with marzipan and strawberries.


Get the full recipe via the link below.