Carrot Patch Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakeks with a piped cheesecake 'carrot' and Oreo dirt patch.

You'll Need: Chocolate Cupcakes (from scratch or storebought - see post for recipe) Cream Cheese Powdered Sugar Vanilla Orange Food Color Mint Leaves Oreos

Step 1: Bake chocolate cupcakes according to recipe - or buy storebought cupcakes for no-bake option.

Step 2: Core out the center of the cupcakes

Step 3: Beat together all the cheesecake ingredients in a bowl.

Step 4:  Spread frosting on the cupcakes and dip in crushed Oreos.

Step 5:  Fill the hole with cheesecake and pipe in circles on top to make a 'carrot'.

Step 6:  Finish off with some fresh mint leaves to make the carrot tops.

Get the full recipe via the link below.